Tips For Staying Healthy In The Year 2022

It’s the beginning of a new year and a fresh start so if you have not already, now is the time to set some new goals, specifically for your health. This past year was a tough one all around and most of us are feeling it physically just as much as we are mentally! While your goals should be specific to you and what works for your lifestyle the best, we have a few foundational tips that will help you eat well and live better as you step into 2021:

Eat Real
Yes, that bag of popcorn you snack on at work is not necessarily going to hurt you – but is it helping you? Processed foods come in all shapes and sizes (cereals, frozen meals, chips, reconstituted meats, etc.) but they all have one thing in common: they are empty calories, creating a foundation to feed disease in your body and not much else. Snacking is not necessarily a bad thing, but watch what you are snacking on because that is when processed foods tend to sneak themselves into your otherwise healthy diet.

Switch to Organic
Organic is a necessity. Yes, it is expensive, does not always look as pretty, and takes some extra planning and effort, but the long term effects of eating organic and using organic products far outweigh any alternative options. Many health issues ranging from hormonal imbalances to diseases can be a result of the harmful pesticides and growth hormones used in non-organic meat and produce. It can be hard to get into the swing of a full-on organic diet and lifestyle, so start small and switch up some of your favorite fruits and vegetables for organic next time you buy groceries. Your body will thank you!

Give your digestion a break
Our digestive systems are much more sensitive than you would imagine. If you don’t chew your food enough it can cause inflammation, or if you stress too much and it can cause a leaky gut or gastroparesis – and when our digestion is off, our entire body is affected. Every now and then it is extremely helpful to give your gut a break and either practice intermittent fasting and stick to water for a few hours or opt for a protein smoothie or juice (organic of course). This allows your body to cleanse itself of any backup in your digestive tract while also supplying the energy it once used to break down food to target other issues such as acne!

Drink water
Of all the necessary elements, water is arguably the most essential. The list of positive side effects of drinking enough water is endless from glowing skin and healthy hair to stronger joints. Water is the essential building block of everything in our bodies and yet 80%  of people s claim to not be drinking enough. A simple way to drink enough water is to plan it out – carry a reusable water bottle with you throughout the day and plan to drink a certain number of ounces before bed. If you are having a hard time making yourself drink enough, putting a dash of organic, fruit juice or lemon can help! Pretty soon your body will start to crave that water and it will be hard to go a day without having more than enough.



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